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Meet Our Leadership Team


Chris Paul

12x NBA All-Star

CJ Paul

CEO CP3, Inc.

Jon Adams

CP3 Camps Executive Director

Steve Shelton

CP3 Camps Executive Director

Spencer Pulliam

CP3 Camps Director At-Large

Our Leadership Team and Board of Directors would like to extend a very special "thank you" to our coaching staff, training staff, player personnel and development team members, guest speakers, volunteers, and all involved with CP3 National Middle School Combine (CP3NMSC). Without your support and dedication these events would not be possible. We are looking forward with great anticipation to our 2023 calendar and hope to see you soon!


Jeff Becker

Lead Clinician / Head Instructor


Dashaun Thomas

Director of On-Court Operations


Jared Newson

Director of Player Development

Our Mission:

The CP3 National Middle School Combine (CP3NMSC) is designed to provide elite student‐athletes in grades six through eight with quality instruction and competition, while providing a platform that offers maximum national recruiting/scouting exposure. 

Our five (5), regionally-located, three-day events allow the best middle school basketball players in North America and beyond the opportunity to compete and learn with one another, while also informing them of what awaits at the collegiate and professional levels, both on and away from the court.
The skill development and technique training provided by our experienced coaching staff is second to none. Further, the daily regimen of Chris Paul is shared with campers in an effort to truly demonstrate the dedication required to succeed at the game's highest level. 
Lastly, the CP3 National Middle School Combine (CP3NMSC) has leveraged creative partnerships with many of the top evaluation services in grassroots basketball in an effort to maximize exposure for campers.
Our goal is to ensure all attendees are recognized by those with legitimate influence in the scouting/recruiting industry. By doing so, college coaches are made aware of each camper, and campers are provided accurate insight into the aspects of their game need refinement in order to prepare for success at the next level.


Alexis Austin

Director of Social Media


Julian Flack

Director of Business Development


Houston Wilson

Director of Scouting/Recruiting

Our Services:

The services provided for campers by the CP3 National Middle School Combine (CP3NMSC) are second to none. Each camp, our staff hosts a 'meet & greet', which awaits attendees and their families on Friday night as part of the camper check-in process. 


From there, campers are given their gear, and have a photo shoot session with some of the most renowned and creative photographers in the industry. These player images/portfolios are made available online (complimentary) for all to enjoy.

In addition to the media members that the CP3NMSC attracts, there are also various video and highlight production companies in attendance. Live streams are made available online for those relatives, coaches, and friends at home to enjoy. Archives of game action as well as various interviews from the event are also available. Individual player mixtapes and various social media add-ons can be purchased via our website for an additional charge.


As part of the CP3NMSC experience, we offer unique educational workshops on the scouting and recruiting process, as well as media seminars for campers and parents. These activities are led exclusively by former Division I coaches as well as current academic advisors and respected talent scouts.


In addition to our quality and experienced coaching staff, NCAA-compliant media services are granted access to all CP3NMSC events, which ensures every players in attendance has an equal and legitimate opportunity to earn exposure.

Contact Us:

Your message has been received. Thank you for your interest and support of CP3 National Middle School Combine (CP3NMSC). Please allow 2-3 business days for your inquiry to be answered. We appreciate your patience and look forward to connecting with you soon.

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