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The 'CP3 Camps' brand represents the highest standard in elite youth basketball events.

The CP3NMSC is designed for the most advanced youth basketball players that are serious about preparing their games for the next level. Our team is dedicated to constructing quality events that focus on player development with an emphasis on planning, organization, and execution behind the scenes.


The CP3 National Middle School Combine is the first step in a series of events with support from 12x NBA All-Star Chris Paul that assist players on their basketball journey from middle school all the way through the collegiate ranks and into the professional levels. Each camp staff is comprised of qualified instructors, hand-picked by Chris Paul, his family, and trusted executive board members.


Our message is simple yet important: Come to learn. Come to work. Come to compete. Come to prove you're elite.


Players invited to attend any of the CP3 National Middle School Combines experience a weekend of professional training and instruction from coaches located across North America and throughout the world.

Campers will learn, work, and compete in both individual (skill sessions) and team (live game action) settings. The CP3 National Middle School Combine is designed exclusively for middle school student-athletes that are serious about playing in high school, collegiately, and beyond.

Additionally, the CP3NMSC proudly serves as an integral part of the selection process for the nationally-renowned 
CP3 Rising Stars Camp, an invitation-only, annual event that attracts the best high school underclassmen from the USA and abroad.



The CP3 National Middle School Combine operates on a Sept. 1-Aug. 31 schedule as opposed to a traditional calendar year. Our event line-up features five (5), rotating, regional camps to allow for adequate roster capacity based on demand. The most updated schedule can be accessed by utilizing our website navigation or by clicking here.



Considered by many to be a right of passage in youth basketball, the CP3 National Middle School Combine provides players a unique platform to demonstrate their ability to excel in a team environment, shine during individual settings, and adapt to pressure situations all while under the trained eye of experienced coaches and insightful media members.

This unparalleled atmosphere offers a true reflection of where players are currently positioned amid their peers on a national level. Additionally, campers are given an informed and honest assessment of their game, in order to foster an awareness of the elements and aspects on which they must continue to improve.

From an exposure perspective, the CP3 National Middle School Combine is one of the most well-attended events in youth basketball, which enhances selected participants' resumes for opportunities among the high school, prep, and collegiate ranks and assists in an introduction to the recruiting process. Much is demanded from our campers and all are evaluated rigorously but fairly.



Please explore the website navigation menu to locate additional information about upcoming CP3NMSC events. Helpful information regarding dates, location, travel, event schedule, and more are now available.

Reference the F.A.Q. page for an overview of our player nomination, player selection, and player registration processes. Additional questions should be emailed to Thank you for your interest and support of CP3 Camps!


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